Global Halal Services

Certification Process

Query & Application Form

On receiving email, call or message by a potential client for Halal Certification, GHS will send an application form to be filled by the client or ask him to fill online application form available on website. This application form will be reviewed by the GHS office to proceed further.

Proposal & Agreement

Once application form reviewed, A proposal containing terms & conditions along with fee structure will be shared with client. If client agreed with proposal and signed it, then certification process will be continued further.

Research Analysis

After proposal acceptance, GHS research officer will analyze the ingredients of all the products with respect to their source, processing, chemical characteristics and utilization in the light of shariah guidelines.

On-Site Inspection

Stage-1 & Stage-2 Audits will be conducted by GHS auditors to confirm the production facility and products meeting the requirements of Halal Standard. After each audit, audit report will be shared with the client and corrective action plan required on prescribed format.

Issuance of Certificate

Audit package review along with corrective action plan of stage-2 audit and its evidence will be shared with the decision board who will decide the issuance of certificate. Upon recommendations of the decision board, certificate will be issued immediately.