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Global Halal Services Private Limited is the leading Halal Certification Body providing Halal Certification and Training across the Globe. GHS is accredited by Pakistan National Accreditation Council (PNAC), recognized by Halal Accreditation Council Sri Lanka (HAC), The Central Islamic Council of Thailand (CICOT) and member Association of Halal Certifiers (AHAC).
GHS working on Halal Certification in order to cater to the needs in partnership with businesses for sustainable development by providing quality and productivity through inspection, certification, testing, and training. GHS certifies the product under the promising coordination of its well established shariah supervisory board, seasoned auditors, highly qualified technical experts and R&D professionals. There are numerous opportunities for our exporters to earn for the economy but Halal certified products add value addition to the international standing of the product. 

Why GHS Certificate

In growing trade market globally the consumers majorly prefer the Halal mark on a product to consume, For this, the GHS ensures services to trade by conducting whole detail audit in the premises of clients and get to sure regarding ingredients of individual products after researches and evaluating the manufacturing onsite. Thus the GHS Halal Certificate provides surety for the credibility of the product with following benefits.

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