Global Halal Services

Mufti Misbah Ullah Sabir

Shariah Advisor

Mufti Sahab due to his educational background and professional skills appointed in Global Halal Services in March 2018. Mufti Sahab having teaching experience and as a researcher, he also wrote many books on Shariah Aspects. Having experience of audits in beverage, slaughter and spice industries due to which he’s with Global Halal Services as a Shariah Advisor.


Prior to all above he experienced 1 year as a Shariah Board Member in Halal Certification JAMUM Pakistan. The latest degree which he received is Diploma Homeopathic Medical System from H.M.C Karachi in 2017 & also done various degrees & courses in muftees. His basic degree in M.A Islamic Studies/ Arabic from H.E.C Islamabad.