Global Halal Services

Fatima Sami

Miss Fatima Sami a young food technologist holding Master’s degree in Food Science & Technology in 2018 with flying colors & an energetic young social activist, having outstanding dedication & commitment since the student era she has been awarded many times for the dedication award. 

Due to her speaking skills and interest, she’s one of the speakers, debater, and researcher on various international & national levels. Besides all of these she also take active parts in various networking skills (training, workshops, seminars, conferences, etc) due to this she has a great credentials in various Food Safety Standards, Quality Management Standard, Halal Standards, and Halal Certification Standards due to which having track record of approximately 20 audits as an observer or a technical expert comply with her skills. 

Besides all, in the professional forum, she has experience of Quality Assurance and Quality Control from Popular Group of Industries Karachi in Dec 2018. Moving forward having strong compliance she gained offered in certification body as a compliance & research officer where she proved her skills utilizing for the development related to Halal. 

Currently, she joined Global Halal Services as Manager Certification & Compliance with aiming to serve GHS with dedication and keep an eye-related to Halal activities and their implementation throughout the external and internal affairs globally.