An Arabic word means permissible & lawful. About food, it’s the dietary standard as prescribed in the Quran. The word Halal is contrasted with Haram, which is prohibited & unlawful. Halal is the mark that Muslims are allowed to consume or eat, however, in the light of Islamic Teaching prescribed that Muslims are permitted to consume the flesh of certain herbivorous animals only if they slaughtered as per the guidance of Shariah Islamic Teachings. Plant sources like Vegetable & fruits considered as Halal due to the natural source, moreover the seafood & their derivatives are acceptable in terms of Islamic Dietary Law. Including all above the Halal also apply in food pharmaceuticals, food additives, flavor, color, bakery items, dairy products & cosmetics, etc. Hygiene, quality & safety of foods are the pillars of Halal food preparation.


The Growing era of industries are evolved around the globe from fresh raw food to ready to eat food, from fresh food to frozen food, from organic food to processed food, from home food to restaurant food, etc but for this the preservation required which majorly done by the different preservatives, additives, and other ingredients may be added like color, stabilizers, etc which need surety regarding the Halal Perspectives.
So for this, there’s a need for the competent Halal body to take out detailed audit onsite verified by the expert auditors, of their manufacturing plant to get the surety and to get ensure for Halal according to Islamic Guidelines. Halal Certification does not only cover verification of ingredients, handling, labeling, manufacturing, hygiene, packaging, storage & till distribution, meaning farm to fork.


In growing trade market globally the consumers majorly prefer the Halal mark on a product to consume, For this, the GHS ensures services to trade by conducting whole detail audit in the premises of clients and get to sure regarding ingredients of individual products after researches and evaluating the manufacturing onsite. Thus the GHS Halal Certificate provides surety for the credibility of the product.

(The lawful, permissible food which is allowed to consume in Islam)
(The unlawful, prohibited food which is not allowed to consume in Islam)
(Disliked & Reprehensible)
(Which is deemed an impurity)

  • Confirmation for Muslim consumers that the food served is ensured under Islamic Law.
  • Assure customers that the food served as under hygienic conditions helps to get in touch with the export market globally.
  • An eatery ensures that what the food he/she is consuming is sanitized and top-notch.
  • Enhance marketability especially to Halal consumers who are going in number.

GHS employees will not be involved in any type of consultancy to the industries related to any standard. The term “management system consultancy” means “Halal consultancy, hazard analysis Consultancy, HFMS/FSMS consultancy or management system consultancy”.



GHS website, brochure and social availability app(s) are sent to the applicant upon receiving a letter of notification then the questionnaire form will only be processed by GHS once the query is registered.


Applicant must ensure about the whole detailed information written in questionnaire form, regarding manufacturing, ingredient, supporting documents, suppliers details, to be duly filled & revert back to us through email or at our office.
The questionnaire form must be duly filled & signed by the authorized person or the focal person of that company who wants Halal Certification.


After evaluating the form by GHS & where required GHS sent a proposal to the applicant for carrying further steps to establish the relationship between applicant and GHS. The proposal must be signed properly by the authorized person or the focal person of that company who wants Halal Certification.


After evaluating proper manufacturing according to the form & proposal the compliance to Halal certification is determined & outlined as an onsite verification audit shall be arranged to comply and establish the compliance.


Once compliance establishes Halal Certification is issued as a binding agreement between parties.