GHS Team

Mohammad Awais Khan
Managing Director

Mr. Khan is the founder of Global Halal Services, and appointed as Managing Director since 2018 the foundation year of GHS, Moreover also the founder of his renowned NGO National Alliance For Safe Food (NAFS) for the benefit of students due to strategic focus of his interest he's become the leader of Halal Industry and a keen learner of Food Safety Standards & Regulations with good public speaking and training skills.

His skills and professionalism make him approved high field trainer in Pakistan and qualified auditor of ISO 9001:2008, FSSC 22000, BRC Food Standard and Halal Food, prior all above he has been appointed as Principal Punjab Food Authority Training School and Head of Food Quality Assurance in Bar-B-Q Tonight.

Mr. Khan as a Researcher has presented many research papers in International and National conferences and conducted more than 120 Audits & training.

On the side as professionalism he is also a social activist, He holds a degree in Food Science & Technology as a Ph.D. Scholar from a renowned institute.

Nationality: Pakistani
Born: 1989
Tehreem Tufail
Research Officer

Miss Tehreem an MPhil Scholar Microbiologist. She has experience in observing, monitoring and assessing microorganisms using molecular and microbiological methods from different sources. Despite all having certified training workshops entitled “ASM biosafety workshop” and E-learning course on food safety and risk management and food supply chain. She appointed as Researcher in Global Halal Services in 2019.

Nationality: Pakistani
Born: 1996
Fatima Sami
Certification & Compliance Manager

Miss Fatima Sami a young food technologist holding Master’s degree in Food Science & Technology in 2018 with flying colors& an energetic young social activist, having outstanding dedication & commitment since the student era she has been awarded many times for the dedication award. Due to her speaking skills and interest, she’s one of the speakers, debater, and researcher on various international & national levels. Besides all of these she also take active parts in various networking skills (training, workshops, seminars, conferences, etc) due to this she has a great credentials in various Food Safety Standards, Quality Management Standard, Halal Standards, and Halal Certification Standards due to which having track record of approximately 20 audits as an observer or a technical expert comply with her skills. Besides all, in the professional forum, she has experience of Quality Assurance and Quality Control from Popular Group of Industries Karachi in Dec 2018. Moving forward having strong compliance she gained offered in certification body as a compliance & research officer where she proved her skills utilizing for the development related to Halal. Currently, she joined Global Halal Services as Manager Certification & Compliance with aiming to serve GHS with dedication and keep an eye-related to Halal activities and their implementation throughout the external and internal affairs globally.

Nationality: Pakistani
Born: 1998
Kamran Saleem
Business Development Head

Mr. Kamran has a track record of auditing against Halal Certification Standards & have proficient networking skills with Academic Institutes and Food Industries. He also participated in different national and international conferences. He also has certified training workshops on Pakistan Halal Standard Implementation in Food Industries, Food Safety Management System (ISO 22000), Food Safety Hygiene, Quality-HACCP techniques & principles. Due to this, he appointed as a Technical Expert in Global Halal Services since its foundation.

Due to his professional background & ability to do work, he appointed as the Director of National Alliance For Safe Food (NAFS) Karachi Campus. He received his Master's degree in Food Science & Technology from the Karachi University in 2016.

Nationality: Pakistani
Born: 1993
Hafiz Rehan Nadeem
Technical Expert
Mr. Rehan a Young Ph.D. Scholar in Food Science & Technology & currently working as a visiting lecturer in Bahauddin Zakariya University Multan. He is the Co-founder of National Alliance For Safe Food, due to his dedication he appointed as General Secretary. He's having a track record of auditing against Food Safety Standards, Quality Management System and Halal Certification Standards. Mr. Rehan a confident, young energetic professional youth icon having networking skills with Government Bodies, Academic Institutes, Research Organizations, Food Industries and Certification Bodies. As a Researcher, he presented his research in many different international and national platform and have gained hands-on experience working with the recent advances in Food Processing, Research & Development, Halal Manufacturing & Waste Utilization. Having records on various certified training workshops on “Pakistan Halal Standard Implementation in Food Industries”, “Food Safety Management System (ISO 22000)”, “Food Safety, Hygiene & Quality-HACCP Based Approach”, and “Sensory Evaluation, Techniques and Principles” & has strong professional associations like; President Community of Food Scientists & Nutritionists IFSN, BZU. Professional Member Pakistan Society of Food Scientists & Technologists (PSFST), Member American Society for Microbiology (ASM), Member Society of Dairy Technology, Member Health Association of Nutrition & Dietetics Pakistan, organizer Invention to Innovation Summits and Chief Organizer Food Safety Awareness Sessions in Pakistan, Mr. Rehan appointed as Technical Expert in Global Halal Services since its foundation. Nationality : Pakistani Born: 1993
Mufti Misbah
Shariah Advisor

Mufti Sahab due to his educational background and professional skills appointed in Global Halal Services in March 2018. Mufti Sahab having teaching experience and as a researcher, he also wrote many books on Shariah Aspects. Having experience of audits in beverage, slaughter and spice industries due to which he's with Global Halal Services as a Shariah Advisor.

Prior to all above he experienced 1 year as a Shariah Board Member in Halal Certification JAMUM Pakistan. The latest degree which he received is Diploma Homeopathic Medical System from H.M.C Karachi in 2017 & also done various degrees & courses in muftees. His basic degree in M.A Islamic Studies/ Arabic from H.E.C Islamabad.

Nationality: Pakistani
Born: 1984
Rehan Ashraf
Business Development Head

Mr. Rehan Ashraf holds a Masters degree in Food Science & Technology from the University of Karachi. He had completed his degree in 2016 with a good academic record. Besides academia, he also takes part in various networking activities (i.e. attending seminars, conferences, sessions etc.). He is currently working as a Quality Assurance Executive in APAG Pvt. Ltd (formerly known as SOYA SUPREME). Prior to industrial exposure of APAG, he also served BAR.B. Q Tonight Restaurant as Quality Assurance Executive leading all the compliance-related internal & external matters.
As a strong in compliance domain especially food safety and halal related affairs, he joined National Alliance for Safe Food (NAFS) in 2017 with the aim to serve NAFS as an active member and to contribute his efforts in overcoming food safety-related issues faced by food manufacturers, processors, handlers, distributors etc. He had facilitated NAFS in conducting various training and awareness sessions related to Food Safety. Currently, He joins GHS - Global Halal Services as Business Development Head with the objective to bring more advanced form of techniques for the business generation & introduced the more advanced form of certification ways in the Halal Certification Body.

Nationality: Pakistani
Born: 1984