GHS – Global Halal Services

About GHS

Global Halal Services (GHS) is an emerging certification body working globally on Halal certification in order to cater to the needs in partnership with you for sustainable development by providing quality and productivity through inspection, certification, testing, and training.

GHS certifies the product under the promising coordination of its well established Shariah Supervisory Board, Highly qualified Food Technologists, Food Auditors, and R&D professionals. There are numerous opportunities for our exporters to earn for the economy but Halal certified products add value addition to the international standing of the product.

GHS Mission Statement

What is our Mission?

To attain excellence in Halal Certification for the protection of religious norms & promoting ethical business for global competitiveness.

Confidentiality/ Secrecy

It’s the central principle of our interaction and communication with client partners, GHS thus guarantee for maintaining secrecy regarding any information.



  • To provide trustworthy services in Halal Certification for the access of consuming Halal Food being protected and promoted as prescribed by Islamic Guidelines.
  • To develop a business relationship with cooperate manufactures & service provider setup. Establishment of Halal Certification Body, Research, & Inspection Center ultimately helps out SME’s.